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Not since Emperor Napoleon Bonparte took on the forces of Wellington at Waterloo in 1815 has an England versus France affair been this explosive!

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A truly MASSIVE fight announced in the European ranks of the Muay Thai world, as long-time “pound-for-pound farang fighter” and former multiple-world title winning Liam “Hitman” Harrison is set to star against Thailand’s farang standard-bearer in Singpatong Gym Phuket’s Frenchie light-welterweight champion of the Lumpinee Stadium, Damien Alamos!

And in customary Microsoft Paint style:


liam harrison (WMC and WPMF champion) vs damien alamos (Lumpinee Stadium and WPMF champion)

A REAL poster for Alamos/Harrison, expertly crafted on MS Paint.


Harrison began his career by embarking on a tear through European Muay Thai, not losing until his Thailand debut in no less than the Rajadamnern Stadium, aged 17. Heading home, his form continued until a duology of fights with Rajadamnern #1 world ranked fighter and WMC champion Nampon PK Stereo left Hitman Harrison with the latter gold (and with Japanese fighters winning “Rajadamnern titles” in TOKYO without ever having won a fight IN the stadium itself [!] he had as good a reason as any foreigner in recent years to claim dominion over that stadium, his weight class being 61.5kg circa 2007).

A WPMF world title followed at 63kg, revenge victory over Thailand legend “Hands of Siam” Anuwat, of Kaewsamrit Gym Bangkok, and a string of other famous wins such as over Rajadamnern #6 ranked future champion Sarmsamut, K-1 star Dzhabar Azkerov for the Patong Stadium title in Phuket, multiple-time world champion Andrei Kulebin, and a series of close, well-contested fights against the legendary likes of Saenchai (3x), Sagetdao and more.

This win would help re-cement Liam’s place among the pantheon of elite level international Muay Thai stars, after dropping the trilogy-closer to Saenchai in December and a loss to long-time Dutch K-1 prospect Mosab “The Jaguar” Amrani.


Alamos for his part is the standard-bearer of international Muay Thai in Thailand, closely followed by Lumpinee & Rajadamnern regular Stephen Meleady from Ireland – a Harrison crony and Jitti Gym team-mate – and of course, Mathias Sitsongpeenong from Italy, compadre to the likes of Kem and Sittichai.

Alamos shot to prominence with fights against the likes of Orono – the Evolve MMA one – before winning the Lumpinee Stadium title at 140lbs (light-welterweight), beating Alessio D’Angelo of Italy via decision, picking up a win down at one of the thrice-annual Phattalung Muay Thai festivals on the Malay peninsula in south-Thailand, and defending his title belt against Aranchai. Losses followed though, sans championship stakes, and the Frenchie dropped bouts to Diesel Lek, Saenchai in Paris and finally in 2013, to Thongchai in the Lumpinee Stadium of  which he was – and is – still title-holder.

The Frenchman was withdrawn briefly from the Bangkok scene following this non-title loss in the stadium, and brought to Bangla to service the needs of our Phuket promoters for a big attraction. He continued what was supposed to be a run in Bangla Stadium against Kongbeng, four minutes bike ride from the Singpatong Gym he calls home; unbelievably, this gym boasts several Lumpinee, WMC, Omnoi and Ch.7 champions despite being located in the sex-tourism capital of a tourist island. Then again, Sityodtong and Golden Glory are in Pattaya – thus did Dante descend with Virgil down the slippery slope into the seventh circle of hell from whence he doth retrievéd the dustiest, most haggard and soul-scarred of men and with iron forgeth iron he doth shapeth the most fearsome of Nak Muays.

Alamos gets booked into the Harrison fight while on a run of form, having beaten Sangsuriya once each in consecutive fights in France the Lumpinee Stadium.


I could post interviews I’ve done with both Liam and Damien – having called Leeds and Phuket home – but let’s just watch them in action instead.



“Remember the Name?” Really? Was that song cool for two weeks, or always this arse-clenchingly cringeworthy?

Either way, brilliant fighters and should be a cracking scrap.

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  1. The UK is coming up for sure. Only a matter of time till you get a Lumpini Champ from the UK. All the best Liam

    • Daniel Fletcher August 6, 2013

      Liam has beaten Rajadamnern & Lumpinee Stadium champs before (Nampon, Anuwat etc)

      Leeds is a hotbed of internationally respected Muay Thai


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