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With an uncharacteristic lack of prose; here’s the UFC Singapore card amendments:

- Katsunori Kikuno vs. Quinn Mulhern
- Jake Ellenberger Hyun Gyu Lim vs. Tarec Saffiedine
- Tatsuya “The Crusher” Kawajiri vs. Hacran Dias
- Kiichi Kunimoto vs TBA (original opponent was Hyun Gyu Lim)
- Dave Galera vs. Royston Wee (2-0 and the first Singaporean in the UFC; to predictably banal reactions)
- Kyung Ho Kang vs. Shunichi Shimizu
- Max Holloway vs. Will “The Kill” Chope
- Leandro “Brodinho” Issa vs Russell Doane
- Jon Delos Reyes vs. Dustin Kimura 

UFC Singapore a.k.a Fight Night 34

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore City, Singapore, January 4 2014.

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Changed my mind; here’s some prose.

In a state of wearied resignation, I concede that the effort to vigorously destroy and clinically brutalise the tedious journalistic efforts to denigrate this card are frankly beyond me. Poor journalism in a sport that attracts very little but poor journalism is not a startlingly original nor particularly groundbreaking conversational topic in its own right.

The concise version would be; Bernays, Goebbels and the rest who laid down The Commandments of Properly Applied PR dictates that in the realm of market expansion, you snap up the best talent from the region and if it’s not entirely mustard, ensure it’s smoothly packaged to be spoon-fed to the hordes of casual fans. And every now and again, the undeserving talent may even legitimise his or herself, a la Brock Lesnar.

Good on Royston Wee, Isay. Can you blame the kid? And let’s not pretend that the UFC have ever boasted a modus operandi of booking CARDS STACKED FROM TOP TO BOTTOM with the top of the range, crème de la crème of the fight world; no filler, no cards watered down, no focus on aggressive market expansion through marketing, strategy and realpolitik; only fully stacked cards. It wasn’t that way during Ken Shamrock’s run as UFC champion in the mid-90s when half the top talent was in Pancrase; it wasn’t during his return circa the Tito/Chuck/Randy merry-go-round; it wasn’t during the TUF years, it certainly wasn’t when Brock Lesnar was spitting liquid balls of phlegmy testosterone at the camera and it certainly isn’t now.

Even PRIDE FC liberally added cans and freakshows to the spectacle. Blog by all means but don’t preach or try to educate; grow up, kids. Leave writing to writers, and thoughts to thinkers.


KYUNG Ho KANG is of course the gentleman who traded victories with American flyweight & role model Andrew Lionheart Leone en route to winning the ROAD FC Bantamweight Grand Prix 2012, and with it the divisional strap.

The man’s beastly.


Katsunori KIKUNO should be on every card, on every Mixed Martial Arts show, in every country; regardless of promotion, promoter or marketing use. He appears against Quinn Mulhern, who – should he decide to upset the apple cart and actually win this bout – is sure to suffer unspeakable agonies in this life, and be denied entry to Valhalla in the next.

Let’s go Kikuno son!


For more on WILL “THE KILL” CHOPE – fifty-plus fight veteran, two-weight/double promotion Asian MMA champion, check out:

For previous card additions and the snagging of Filipino talent and unlikely Singaporean standard bearer Royston Wee, check out:


*There’s unrest in Bangkok and civil disturbance.

*There were concerted “Occupy” movements across the world, despite an almost all-encompassing blackout of the western corporate media.

*There has been encroachments on civil liberties since what many feel was the false flag operation of 9/11, and year after year more victories are gained by the globalists, the financiers, the corporatists and the string-pullers holding our beautiful world to ransom.

But the people of Anglo-America who dragged themselves away from the television sets yesterday are expending their energy by rioting and fighting in SUPERMARKETS… over discounted non-essential consumer goods?

You make me sick.

A disheartened Daniel S Fletcher

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