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After Choi Hong Man Chasing Shaquille, here’s another tremendous dose of prospective news regarding a Korean prize-fighter; undefeated youngster Tommy Yang could be on the verge of a UFC contract!

The former Evolve Mixed Martial Arts man earned his sixth successive win in Kuwait recently, to take a GFC Super-fight title belt and re-establish his name in the region. Now, rumour has it Sir Joseph Silva has been calling, and the Phuket-based Combat-Fit Korean athlete could be getting his days in the sun sooner rather than later…

The UFC in question that this talented and – much like Achilles & Ajax – thus far unbeaten-in-battle savage is set to scrap in could possibly be lined up for MACAU; a bizarre semi-autonomous province of China, formerly under Portuguese rule, and now the veritable gambling capital of the Eastern world and a place that takes in more cold hard cash in six months than Las Vegas itself does in a year.

Hopefully, Tommy Yang cashes in his luck there too…

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4 Responses to “Tommy Yang a.k.a Yang Seung Ho To The UFC?”

  1. Tommy is 9-0
    he has 3 wins from back in 2007 that are not on sherdog for some stupid reason

  2. Who has he beaten?

    • Daniel Fletcher May 15, 2013

      who’s anyone beaten? What a stupid comment. Anyone can be discredited. Anyone can be hyped.

      Tommy’s a talented kid at 6-0 (officially – as Will said he won a few fights in Korea but they didn’t count)

  3. Vincent Sit May 20, 2013

    Among all the talented fighters Asia has to offer, Tommy Yang is definitely one of the top contender to be sign with UFC. Lets hope he get its sooner or later.


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