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No vichyssoise of verbose, virulent verbiage on this vox populi celebration of the vindication of a vaudevillian veteran, who stands vivified, vanquishing venal vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition!

Tranquilo, hombre. For now, The Story of Minowaman is a sufficiently eloquent tale to tell itself, through moving imagery married to music and topped off by the cherry of an orgasmic consummation aperitíf provided by the dulcet tones of Schiavello. Enjoy The Story of Minowaman: In Super Hluk We Trust!



M’eh, since 2009 I’ve outpoured that much damn buffoonery about the Super Hluk Champion of the World, it would be a waste of all our times to repeat it. Besides, the Hluk days are no more; we live in dark and savage times, in which the utterly cynical bastards ‘ap nawf’ in Korea-land actually expect us to believe that with the advent of an abstract notion Minowaman had previously never heard of – “weight categories” – that in fighting human beings of roughly the same size, that the Super Hluk can legitimately lose.

The days of honest Asian MMA are at an end. Such tomfoolery would never have occurred under Maeda.

So here’s the cliffnotes:


From an ABYSMAL start to his career; Minowaman resolved to make it his life’s work and dream to become a Pancrasist i.e. to fight for Pancrase, in the still very fledgling sport of MMA in Japan.

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He signed to Pancrase; started winning fights after eight losses and only one single victory.

Thence, he started #winning; taking on such illustrious foes as the future #1 ranked middleweight and unbeaten PRIDE savage Paulo Filho – whom he piledrove ^ in the above highlight, an excerpt from a legitimate JMMA classic – and of course, Semmy Schilt, who held a fairly measly, negligible, insignificant 14″ heigh advantage – that’s 1’2″ – and one hundred a ten pounds in weight.

He earned a fight in the UFC, appearing at their bizarrely named 37.5 numbered show. He chose to display one of his trademark moves; a flashy suplex – in the WWF style – which, being easy to avoid impact from, served no purpose whatsoever.

He signed to the PRIDE Bushido’s division, beating the 2002-2003 outstanding K-1 fighter Stefan Leko (who’d beaten Peter Aerts, Remy Bonjasky, Mike Bernardo and then Aerts again in recent years before being pulled from the 2003 World Grand Prix that he was an outside favourite to win, given his form).

He engaged in classic wars such as against the NYBA Phil Baroni – a brutal beatdown, later avenged – and fought against heavyweight stars in the most hellaciously fearless manner.

This one deserves its own emboldened line – he somersault kicked a prime Mirko Cro Cop.

He beat Giant Silva, Butterbean and other big boys in a hit and miss win/loss ledger; often being outsized, never out-hearted and thus, as PRIDE folded and its former staff allied with FEG to create DREAM, thus began THE SUPER HLUK ERA.

M’eh, if you missed it, sucks to be you. Here’s a poem, loosely pilfered from The Night Before Christmas.

T’was the Night Before New Year,
And what did unfold;
The hero emergeth;
Minowa won gold.
A whole slew of giants Minowa did slay,
Til Sokodjou fell; the smallest dog had his day.
A triumph of legend; three cheers to the King!
A victory of justice; hark hear the bells ring!
The Super Hluk Open-Weight Champion of DREAM,
To all a Good Night; from Minowa Top Team!


I’ve watched fightsport since ITV Fight Nights at my Granddad’s house – Eubank, Benn, Naseem et al, 1995; into Bravo’s free UFC broadcasts in England from 2001-02 onwards to the Brock years; the Japanese hegemony of PRIDE et al… yet the Super Hluk Saga is easily my favourite of all eras, sagas, tournaments, championships, you name it – hell, I named a forum after him, after being part of another sherd0g-breakaway board that was also named after his cult and dedicated to him, and running yet another with thousands of members that held Minowaman is one of its foremost heroes… heady days for the Japan MMA fan. A glorious time to be a Japanophile. The DREAM Super Hluk championship title is – literally – the only MMA belt that has ever mattered. That, and the Saku belt.

A little girl created “The Super Hluk” belt – with Anglicised lettering, obviously misspelling “Hulk” in the process – and Minowa wore the belt, bringing the girl in question to pose with her hero in front of the country’s media, and have their picture plastered across magazines, news and television.

Ikuhisa Minowa is the perfect example of someone who is just eccentric – nigh on crazy, it must be said – ballsy and determined enough to walk on, through the wind, to walk on, through the rain, and achieve the aspirations and goals which he’d set himself. He is a Real Superhero.

When you walk through a storm, Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark.
At the end of the storm, there’s a golden sky,
And the sweet silver song of the lark…
Walk on, through the wind,

Walk on through the rain,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown…
Walk on… walk on,
With Hope In Your Heart
And You’ll Never Walk Alone.

~Daniel S. Fletcher

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    Dynamite 2009 = best show ever

    • pretty epic, has to be said… I’d give DREAM 5, 6, 10 or 11 at least equal status, along with Sengoku 9 perhaps, PRIDE Final Conflict ’05… PRIDE 33 may not have “aged well” now the results are known but at the time that blew us all away, too…

  3. Minowaman is fucking epic

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