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Sport Hurts.

In non-swinging circles they say two’s perfect but three’s a crowd – Ireland star Stephen “La Flama” Meleady may be happy, after his second tilt in as many years in Cambodia, to never enter the country again.

His May 2012 scrap with Phol Sophon will certainly be less memorable to him than yesterday’s bout at “International Khun Khmer.”

Meleady, the Irish Muay Thai standard bearer and first man from the Emerald Isle to be top 10 ranked in the Lumpinee Stadium is a stud and a savage, as evidenced most recently by his bout in Hat Yai less than a month ago against 2011 Muay Thai Fighter of the Year and Lumpinee super-bantamweight champion Sam-A, which was an all-but even bout.

But then the Irishman went to Phnom Penh the Cambodian capital for some “International Kun Khmer Boxing” action, 28/11/2013… and, as can happen to the best and worst fighters alike, anyone can get caught.

See what happens; the ginger ninja from Ireland may have another war wound for the collection…



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Don’t worry old bean – chicks dig scars. And as a Bangkok resident with a facebook photo album entitled “Fascinating Creatures”, you’ve seen the darkness of humanity; facial scars are better than emotional ones!

Stay tuned for more on Ireland’s Muay Thai standard bearer in Thailand Muay Thai.

Daniel S Fletcher

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