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By Daniel S. Fletcher

As one era ends, another begins; like the seasonal cycles, the hourglass containing the sands of time; the aeons, the ages, Götterdammerung i.e. the Twilight of the Gods and the dawn of man… all things that come, must pass.

Soon the old Lumpinee will shut its doors for the last time, and this – in name and lineage at least – is its replacement; The New Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Bangkok.


new lumpinee boxing stadium bangkok thailand - inside

new lumpinee muay thai boxing stadium bangkok thailand - outside


The de facto Grand Finale of the Lumpinee that the old stadium’s showcase birthday bash effectively represents will be the last of the “super-shows” staged there, and is set for December 3rd. Beyond that point, the old stadium in Lumpini will continue to function until “early next year” – projected March – when the new arena is ready to go.

So, there it is.

Daniel S Fletcher

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  1. Looks like a sanitized ratchadamnoen :|


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