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A Monster Reincarnation of Sengoku Raiden Championship; An Org On The Move & of course; Rising To Power in Total Confidence…

With @Daniel S Fletcher

one fighting championship fc onefc arena singapore malaysian kuala lumpur philippines manila bangkok thailand phnom penhONE Fighting Championship have returned fire following the UFC’s hit and miss invasion on the shores of Fortress Singapore – the southern port area of which was previously only the white man’s domain of the colonising British Empire – and with a series of sharp signings and sound announcements, they have set their stall out for a riproaring 2014.

Self-promoted as “the world’s most exciting global MMA promotion,” the Singaporeans should have little trouble convincing the homegrown fans and followers of fightsport that theirs is in fact, the product to watch, the show to enjoy, the brand to invest hope in and the event to care about; to make pencil marks in the calendars for, to consume.

One FC 2014: Org On The Move

UFC Singapore for its part was hit and miss after Chope/Holloway – or perhaps, on a handsome author’s sidenote, because of William Tobias Chope versus Maximilian Holiday. For Asian fightsport fans, it was a flat end to a solid preliminary card, and a brace of victories for Kikuno and The Crusher did little to lift the sagging, dispirited mood. True, Will is a yank and of course, the sensible man should endeavour to never care too greatly about the fate of Americans – individually or collectively – but he’s also a friend, a father and a good man.

And – ethnicity and other such subjective evaluations aside – ONE FC claim, with what must justly be described as great accuracy that theirs is the exciting show on the rise; like a monster reincarnation of Sengoku Raiden Championship, an org on the move, and just brilliant enough to be totally confident; even in the face of the globalist tyranny of the UFC that has put out of action so many superior promotions to their Fear & Loathing Inducing Tactics From Las Vegas; Strikeforce, PRIDE et al.

And “one” is disinclined to disagree.

The ONE Fighting Championship shows of March, June and October 2012, disputably of February and April 2013 and undoubtedly of May, Sept and Oct of that said-same year were all undeniably superior shows to their globalist counterpart across the Pacific; style-over-substance television presenters spinning yarns, “American sports bar” hegemony and third-rate worldwide fightsport coverage be damned.
Norman Mailer and the real writers never even got started on MMA, anyway; they stuck with boxing or died; allegorically, the Fleet Street of this sport consists of press-pass-protective paid bloggers forming disorderly queues over the bandwidth to tonelessly spew praise for the biggest cat in town; who cares what these pharisees clumsily type in their short, colourless childspeak or verbally incontinent dribble?

So, the world thoroughly set to rights; back to the matter at hand.

leone vs kojima SL pic andrew lionheart leone versus shinichi bj kojima one fighting championship one fc indonesia kl kuala lumpur malaysia

Andrew Leone vs Shinichi Kojima: ONE Fighting Championship!

Leone vs Kojima is back on!

Expected for March 14th 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – a battle of past and future to determine the present!

The old lion of Japan is set to defend his rep against the new breed in a veritable Era vs Era bout; the #1 American in Asian fightsport versus the #1 flyweight in all of Asia; the past versus the future to wrest undisputed control of the present, a seat on the throne and with it, the bragging rights!

We also have SHERILYN LIM vs ANN OSMAN II coming up; an instant (karma) return of one of the consensus Fights of the Year 2013, involving the indisputable First Ladies of Singapore and Malaysia MMA!

An inaugural welterweight champion will be crowned, with Suzuki & “Run” Brock Larson colliding for the gold; Adam “Shogun” Kayoom and Evolve’s unbeaten new boy & monstrous rasslah Ben “The Bellator Badman” Askren are patiently waiting like wolves in the wings!


The Signings!

RUTHLESS Rob Lisita – Leone’s team-mate and former Legend FC title-challenger, who so memorably toppled former world #3 ranked LION Takeshi Inoue at Rebel Fighting Championship in Singapore, has also signed with the Singaporean super-show!

PXC Heavyweight champion Kelvin Fitial defects to Singapore!

BRACE champion Martin Nguyen is an undefeated Aussie, and as one contracted to a partner in the ONE FC Network, he won a battle to earn his slot on Asian MMA‘s big stage; he’ll represent BRACE on ONE Fighting Championship shows to come in 2014!

M-1 Global champion Marat Gafurov defects – hopefully, with KGB Colonel Putin’s blessing – from what is colloquially known as “M-Juan Russia” where he was the reigning featherweight champion and an 8-0 assassin to boot.

ruthless rob lisita rebel fc vc vicious circle one fighting championship one fc onefc mma mixed martial arts asian mma asiamma asianmma in asia singapore thailand malaysia philippines

“Ruthless” Rob Lisita certainly adds to a stacked ONE FC featherweight division, as does newboy & M-1 Global champ Gafurov

In particular; the 2014 signings of Gafurov and Lisita are a juicy addition to ONE FC’s featherweight division, which Koji Oishi currently sits atop after two domineering and destructive displays against top Filipino fighter and former feather-king Honorio “The Rock” Banario.

With such notable names as the Oishi & Banario pair; RUTHLESS Rob Lisita, M-1 kingpin Gafurov, Shinya Aoki, Arnaud “Ze Game” Lepont, Tatsuya “The Crusher” Kawajiri (come home already, son. Bollocks to the globalists and their Italian casino boss owned / bald-headed mouthpiece fronted schtick. Las Vegas used to be the town where GLORIOUS Rolling Stone two-part articles – subsequently novelised – were written, not baldheaded/Italian antics. That town is doomed, like this Lost Generation Y) Eric “The Natural” Kelly, Kotetsu Boku, Mitch Chilson and a whole host of other powerful prize-fighters, and a clear case can be made that the ever-improving featherweight division of ONE FC is the one that is truly set to shine in the coming calendar annum.

Momentum builds and breaks with the savage predictability of a wave; heroes rise and zeroes fall, the pendulum swing is the grim inevitability of life itself. The UFC has long since sat atop the throne – seven obnoxious years, at least – but as every living thing born must die; as everything that goes up must come down; as every great Empire is ultimately toppled or implodes in upon its arrogant self; nothing is sustainable, nothing is forever; infinitum nihil. 2014 is a fresh start for each and all – let ONE FC ride the crest of their own Asian wave and in the style of the Co-Prosperity Sphere, liberate these Asian shores with their own superior brand of mixfight madness and martial savagery.

~Daniel S. Fletcher 


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