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“Chinese Kung Fu vs Muay Thai: China vs Thailand: A Savage Sporting Showcase of Rival Nations in Thailand’s Sodom; Land of The Flesh Trade”

By Daniel S. Fletcher

Much like a modern version of backstreet city life, where the vice, lust and avarice are to be found, all manner of things illicit in the dark, damp lanes in which men skulk and the Old Bill avoid; Dickensian villains and Artful Dodgers aplenty, the prostitutes, the drunks and the swollen, insatiable rats…. but with a modern, Asian twist; Thailand’s own answer to Biblical dens of iniquity in the ill-fated Sodom & Gomorrah is transparent in its naked sin; a brightly lit bonanza of debauchery and The Flesh Trade in a Land That God Forgot

Pattaya. Colonised by Russia, 2010. Home to more sexual disease, undignified spankfests, spilled bodily fluids and grunting bareback penetration in one sordid, seedy evening than a full year of my ex-girlfriend’s past. Even her savage features haven’t been laughingly splashed with as much salty, primordial soup cocksnot as is sprayed around willy nilly in the Walking Street Pleasure Dome that is Pattayan nightlife, nightly.

The meth-ravaged, dopamine-savaged twisted delirium yah-bah living hell, I’ll wager, is worse for those peasant-girls-turned hookers than it is for the aforementioned wench. It’s a sick world all round, when you think about it, and thus necessitates heavy dosages of altering agents. As a wise man once proclaimed; reality itself is too twisted.

But in this setting; Pattaya World Boxing Stadium also lurks. And with “Cage Wars Pattaya” – a Thailand MMA event – plus regular events at the PWBS, this town is not immune to the charms of the national sport and is more than aware and capable of pulling in the pissed up punters for a Fight Night!

And LOOK AT THIS SHOW we have on the go!

  • China vs Thailand
  • Chinese Kung Fu vs Muay Thai
  • Aikpracha, Kulebin, Petsangnuan & more!

We have AIKPRACHA Meenayothin; the Fighter of the Year 2012 as a sort-of standard bearer for Thailand Muay Thai!

We have ANDREI KULEBIN; 17x world champion, 11x as a professional and a world ranked fighter to boot!

We have a FOUR-MAN TOURNAMENT; featuring the aforementioned Kulebin, OMAR SUMETA (“world” alphabet soup sanctioning body champion) and PETSANGNUAN from Luktupfah Muay Thai gym; champion of the WMF Pro ASEAN 67kg tournament in 2013!

~Kunlun 1: Chinese Kung Fu vs Muay Thai

Four-man tournament!

  • Andrei Kulebin!
    (17x “world” champion)
  • Umar Semata!
    (WBC world champion)
  • Petsangnuan Luktupfah!
    (WMF Pro ASEAN 67kg Muay Thai Tournament Winner)
  • Guo Dongwang
    (Chinese Sanda champion)

And then, the super-fights:

~AIKPRACHA vs. Meng Guodong

The Thailand (and thus, global) Muay Thai Fighter of the Year 2012 versus a Chinese Kung Fu Sanda star at 70kg!

Check out the rest of the card:


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Asian MMA Muay Thai news


Seventy years ago, almost to the day, the Siege of Leningrad was lifted; the longest, bloodiest and most destructive siege in the history of human warfare. Recorded, that is…

Today at time of writing (23/1) seventy years ago; the Anglo-American assault on Anzio, Italy. The tide was turning. Axis forces repulsed and retreating on all fronts. Götterdammerung; Twilight of the Gods; those godlike emperors wielding life and death across the swathes of their vast and shrinking realms, held in the grip of very mortal fear, perfumed Neros waiting in their palaces for the death blows to rain down in righteous anger.

History, man. Even if you have to sift through the bullshit thrown in with the facts, there’s some damnably interesting stuff. And yeah, I’m experimenting with pip pip, tally ho – non-plebian, old-school, southern fairy English.

See you on Walking Street. You stay classy, Pattaya.

~Daniel S. Fletcher

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