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K-1 World MAX Spain ~ Gran Canaria Event Winners Join China Victors in Azerbaijan MAX Final!

~Daniel S Fletcher

It’s just not the same.

k-1 world max 2013 sl k1 kickboxing buakaw souwer masato petrosyan aerts schilt leko badr hari ernesto hoost sapp bonjasky overeemThis fragmented incarnation of the once great K-1 is fun, and all, and it’s admittedly cool that the island-dwelling folk of Spanish territories like the Balearics and the Canaries – geographically, in the Mediterranean Sea and off the coast of Africa, respectively – get to see Japan’s finest fight promotion rock up at their doorstep and stage shows there.

But when K-Juan was solely a Tokyo enterprise, the K-1 World MAX finals – quarters, semis and finals – took place on the same night, and the fans were treated to some of the finest fightsport ever seen.

Now, with flagging name quality of the stars, and a strange segregation of stars between the Buakaw’s and Saenchai’s of the world being kept in Asia but sent to China as standard bearers on those shows, and the European starlets – there is no other name for it, with the Petrosyan’s and such of the world now in GLORY – fighting in front of their homegrown shows.

I’m sorry, it’s simply not the same.

Enriko Kehl – soon to face Leeds, England star Quadzilla in the massive Jordan Watson vs Enriko Kehl Euro-Muay Thai super-fight, squeezed through to the semis, as did Sung Hyung Lee in a technical bout with the game Elam Ngor. They’ll meet Buakaw – who already trounced Kehl in the latter half of last year – and Andy Souwer replacement Shane Campbell of Canada in the Final Four.

K-1 World MAX Spain results:

K-1 MAX Quater Final Bouts
Enriko Kehl def. Maximo Suarez via Unanimous Decisio
Sung Hyung Lee def. Elam Ngor via Split Decision

Super Fights
Juanma Suarez def. David De Bejear via Split Decision
Alejandro Rodríguez def. Tural Bayramov via KO in Rd. 2
Chad Sudgen def. Jorge Falcon via KO in Rd. 1
Moisés Baute def. Tofan Pirani via KO in Rd. 1
And – as expected – the rather more bombastic show featuring Buakaw’s quarter-final and the Saenchai K-1 debut in China can be seen here – results, review & the Buakaw & Saenchai fight videos:
—> K-1 World MAX China <—
Change in all things is good” ~Aristotle.Fuck off, cunt. Democracy to velvet corporate fascism; K-1 to K-1′s World Tour of Watered Down Fragmentation; Young to Old, phony “Cold War” externalisation of enmity for foreign policy goals to “War on Terror” outright hegemony attempt stage 5…. hah… only some, select change is good, and as with all generalisations, everything has its context. That’s why Socrates is considered your intellectual superior.

@Daniel S. Fletcher

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