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~Chris Eubank Calmly Produces Evidence In A CLASSY Manner To Shatter Naseem’s Ego’s Glass Jaw~

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prince naseem hamed boxer boxing world champion WBO WBC IBF WBA featherweight vasquez kelley cesar soto marco antonio barrerraThe two favourite boxers of my childhood – along with Nigel Benn – are these two legendary warriors, Chris Eubank & “Prince” Naseem Hamed. The latter so because after my initial introduction to the sweet science by my grandfather, and instantly getting sucked in by the big 1994-95 scraps of Benn and “Simply The Best” Eubank, the former entered his career’s twilight, whereas Naseem was just shooting off into the stratosphere with his newly acquired world champion status; a supersonic rising star with the world in the palm of his hands.

In retrospect, I grew to love the Eubank & Benn pairing more; with taped VHS viewings from the telly of Eubank vs Benn I – from circa November 1990, when I was just turned 2 – their second and final bout, and the equally thrilling super-fights that Eubank had with Watson, and Benn with Gerald McClellan – both with tragic outcomes. Both men, too, were affected; Eubank, having been in lethal form in his WBO world middleweight championship fights, proceeded to make THIRTEEN successive defences of the WBO world super-middleweight belt he won against Watson in the rematch, but all were won on points. He was mentally finished already; he visibly put forth the most rudimentary efforts needed to win, fought only for short periods of each round, every fight went to a decision, and quite clearly, the ‘killer instinct’ was lost forever.

Benn for his part crippled Gerald McClellan in 1995, in what was arguably the most thrilling fight ever televised live; it was brutal, punishing, and unbelievably spellbinding stuff. But alas; it almost finished McClellan as a person – who was permanently disabled thereafter – and it most certainly nixed the savage in-ring killer instinct of The Dark Destroyer; the shell of Benn fought on a few times thereafter, and then after two abject losses to the grave-robber Collins, he hung up his once-feared, legendary gloves.

From “Simply the Best”, Eubank simply soldiered on from 1991 onwards; through the Benn rematch (a draw) and twelve other WBO defences – the Eubank who’d stood in the trenches and fought for his life against Benn and Watson was replaced by a preening, posing point-scorer winning on points – until finally, in mid-1995 he came up against Ireland’s Steve Collins as part of his eight-fight rapidfire Sky Sports title defences program. The frequent program worked against him – even though he got back to KO ways against several of his lesser foes – and the ugly, brutal Irish gremlin Collins (the bouncer in Lock Stock – “yew hold anto yer tongue, und Oil hold anto moi pay-tience”) in truly awful manner, cheated and spoiled his way to two 1995 “victories” over gentleman Chris. Eubank’s championship reign was assassinated; Collins might as well have been stood on the grassy knoll, holding a CIA issue sniper rifle. It was a travesty.

Eubank returned in old fighting form for classic wars against Calzaghe in 1997 – despite his tough weight cut, he gave the upcoming legend the hardest fight of his career – and then two 1998 bouts against Carl Thompson; the first of which was a robbery that Eubank won, the second, Chris was pulled out by the doctor at the end of round 9 despite being THREE points clear on all the scorecards. He retired; unbeaten for a decade, two-weight world champ, then several robberies in classic wars and a rightful third weight championship title denied him. However, the long-time “heel” of British boxing went out being roundly cheered, and much loved.

chris eubank prince naseem hamed saga british boxing world champions simply the best dark destroyer prince naz WBO WBC IBF WBA fightsport daniel fletcher journalist fight pugilism sweet science45-5-2 record – in reality, 48-2-2 at the least, and that’s still unfair with the second Thompson travesty. Let it be further stated; FUCK Carl Thompson’s screeching girlfriend; jeering, hooting and braying with her fingernails-on-a-chalkboard voice throughout the horrendous affair, “Go on Carrrrrrrl! Go – on – Carl! Come on Carrrrrrrrrl….” sheesh.

So, impressionable kid that I was (am?), by and large – apart from Eubank’s three live appearances and a lot of retrospective VHS viewing of his earlier fights – in 1995-2001, the Prince had an unbreakable lock of my loyalty.

Best of all was coming from an inner-city school that for the most part, didn’t like “the little Paki cunt.” I remember strutting into high school when he beat Augie Sanchez in 2000, and equally, being sneered at the following year when Marco Antonio Barrerra beat an unmotivated, lazy and lacklustre Prince who suffered his very own Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas; thus did the Mexican legend destroy an invincible aura. He only fought again once thereafter; following 9/11, Arabs weren’t superstar material in America, and he never chose to force MAB to honour the contractual agreement for a rematch.

This fandom of the Prince was expressed at quite incredible length here:

~”Requiem For Naseem” - The Prince Naseem Anniversary; Ten Years Since The Day Boxing Died.

But alas, he was UNDOUBTEDLY a cock following his WBO & IBF world championship title defence in 1997 against Jose Badillo – round 5 was truly hilarious, by the way – the same night a returning and weight-drained Eubank fought a minor classic with future legend Joe Calzaghe, before being verifiably robbed off his rightful status as a three-weight world champion in his two subsequent bouts with Carl “The Cat”.

Naz, who by-now claimed that his former (and future) friend Chris Eubank had “stolen his moves” – both the vault over the ring ropes during entrance, and in-ring style and swagger – decided to get in the self-styled GENTLEMAN Eubank’s face when he happened upon a crestfallen Christ at the airport.

Wanna touch my belts, Chris? I’m a world champ. Wanna touch my belts?

Eubank, in GENTLEMANLY fashion, decided against taking direct physical action against the impudent – if supremely gifted – little boy that was mocking him. Yet the Prince, to his eternal and enduring shame, struck the gentleman Eubank; he raised his hand in violence, and he struck this Great Man In The Face - a truly disgusting move from an otherwise brilliant athlete and fighter.

But here, when questioned by Johnny Nelson, one of PRINCE NASEEM’S team-mates at the Brendan Ingle stable, the GENTLEMAN Eubank retains his cool, calm and collected composure, and COOLLY, CALMLY and in COMPOSED and CLASSY MANNER produces EVIDENCE against the disgusting, ‘orrible little man a.k.a the wonderful, brilliant, amazing, incredible little fucking shyster the little cunt the incredible superstar great little man ohwhydoyoumakeitsohardNaz… the one and only Prince Naseem Hamed.



Round 2 to Eubank.

One should endeavour to YouTube the unruffled and GENTLEMANLY response that Eubank gave live on television when the crude, disgusting, fat American man James Toney – he with the air of a high school bully, a ghetto punk with the inability to speak coherently even PRIOR to being punchdrunk – when this crude man spoke ill of Eubank and Benn, who was also present. Gentleman Chris took the high road.

I think you are purely ignorant, and I will teach you a boxing lesson.”

Chris’s words to Benn, also live on television prior to the first bout were splendiferous and delightful too, on that note.

I will not look at the man. I have no reason to. I will look at him on the night of November 9th, 1990 when I take his WBO title. He is a bully. He has no class as far as I can see it.”

Take note, you juiced pigs, you philistine shysters, you uncommonly uncouth high school head-flushing lunch-money grabbers of the world. Christopher Livingston Eubank is a SPLENDID GENTLEMAN, and he shows how to behave with TRUE CLASS.

Enjoy his best fights. Prince Naseem was a precocious, incredible, special talent – perhaps the best pure talent ever seen in fightsport, ever – but Chris Eubank, his wars, his chin, his toughness, his spiel, his class; the man is a gem.

Keep smiling.

@Daniel S. Fletcher

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