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Pettungyang Kilasport Thailand Bangkok Muay Thai MuayThai Lumpinee Samurai Life» Slashing Elbow Savagery; Pettungyang Kilasport SpotlightA Man On The Move – just sick enough to be totally confident.

~Pettungyang Kilasport ~ Thailand Muay Thai, Bangkok~

It’s been a while since there was a Samurai Life Bangkok Muay Thai spotlight; Penek, Petchpanomrung, Yodvicha et al. Here’s another Man On The Move, and be warned; he’s quite proficient with that slashing right elbow!

Ferocious flyweight Pettungyang Kilasport has sliced through a slew of stadium savages in the past calendar year; having so memorably deposited Nong-A on the canvas back in April, one of the Muay Thai monsters of the year came forth with a sickening elbow strike to snipe Yutachai from consciousness, another to despatch Nong-A, and yet more followed by a series of knees to claim another win in the Lumpinee Stadium over the delightfully named Mongkonphet (“Muay Thai Headband Hot”…?), starting 2014 with a bang.

This is a spotlight on Another Thai That Does Hand-to-Hand Violence Well.

He exceeds in martial savagery. Thanks to LiveMuayThaiGuy & T-Sport for the clips!




Bangkok. It can’t be understood with the mind alone.

Happy Thursday, wherever ye be; fare thee well and prosper.

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