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While Samurai Life does indeed proudly sport the Rising Sun flag – which stood for Japanese bushido and militarism before the war crimes of the Imperial Japanese Army 1931-45 – I will not defend the crimes committed under that flag.

Ryo Chonan seems less concerned, not to mention less scientific/philosophical in his own views.

My own response to the a-typical thinly-veiled loaded comment of a facebook notorious was as follows:

“Unlike most, I was aware of this flag’s origin prior to Chan Sung Jung (who expressed disapproval of GSP’s use of the emblem). The Rising Sun goes beyond the Imperial Japanese Army 1931-1945. It represents/represented all military aspects of Japan, is still its naval flag, and besides, the flag of Japan itself was used by the army during WWII also.
(In response to how ‘unsettling’ the use of the flag was)
I find the Allied firebombing of Tokyo and the two nuclear holocausts unleashed on Japan very unsettling.

All Korean enlistments into the Imperial Japanese Army prior to 1944 were voluntary.
Samurai Life” 

Japanese fighter, DEEP Middleweight champion and former PRIDE FC superstar Ryo Chonan – most known for his terrific leg-scissor-cum-heel hook submission win over longtime UFC champion Anderson Silva was a little more heated, and somewhat less clinical;

“All the people complaining about the Rising Sun flag is an idiot. Learn history! Even though that might be too much for you idiots.”

I don’t care about the comfort women (girls and women essentially held captive in a life of enforced prostitution in the Imperial Japanese Army), go make more statues  in Korea. Japan is too busy.”

There is a lot of exaggerations and anti-Japanese education in regards to Japanese involvement in World War II.”

Japan actually helped Korea and made it a developed country. Also when Japan was there Korea was not divided between North and South.”

I may be a de facto defender of the Rising Sun, but the line about comfort women was pretty harsh, Ryo. Imagine if your own daughter, girlfriend or mother was repeatedly raped by randy soldiers for no financial recompense, merely food and dubious accommodation through the course of war.

And one revealing line reads thusly; “There is a lot of exaggerations and anti-Japanese education in regards to Japanese involvement in World War II.” Hmm… something tells me Chonan is a Nanking revisionist. You know, one of the newfangled Japanese who refuted all claims that hundreds of thousands of women were raped and men tortured to death at the old Chinese capital city in 1937 and that it was all false propaganda… despite many thousands of foreign nationals witnessing the carnage firsthand from their “International Zone”.

Ryo, Ryo, Ryo… next you’ll be telling us Unit 731 didn’t exist, you naughty poodle.

El Chico que Detesta Crimenes Guerra

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6 Responses to “DEEP champion & PRIDE FC Star Ryo Chonan’s Explosive Views on THE RISING SUN”

  1. You're a fag April 2, 2013

    He never said he condones rape stupid fucking shit.

    • Daniel Fletcher April 6, 2013

      “I don’t care about the comfort women” – in response to why people may be unhappy about the Rising Sun flag.

      Just saying. “Comfort women” were women raped repeatedly, countless times, every day for years on end. Or am I missing something here, Sally?

      • SAMSCUM July 25, 2013

        Daniel Fletcher the clueless moron

        Talking shit about Japan.

        Comfort women” were women raped repeatedly? BULLSHIT


        The purpose of the below comments is to present historical FACTS.

        At the end of April 2011, an paid advertisement by south korean government purporting to tell “The Truth about Comfort Women” appeared in the Washington Post.

        The claims contained in these statements, though, were anything but the “truth.”

        Rather than being based on “facts,” they appeared, if anything, to be the products of “faith.”

        The people of Japan have the highest respect for the United States as a fellow democratic nation and as a strong and reliable ally. For democracy to operate effectively, though, the freedom of speech, thought, academic research, and religion must be guaranteed so that individual citizens can draw their own appropriate conclusions.

        To enable this, people must have access to correct facts, rather than fallacies, distortions, biases, and factual errors.

        This public comment seeks to present a number of historical facts relating to “comfort women” that have not been adequately brought to light so as to enable the readers of this respected publication to draw their own conclusions.

        Fact 1

        No historical document has ever been found by historians or research organizations that positively demonstrates that women were forced against their will into prostitution by the Japanese army. A search of the archives at the Japan Center for Asian Historical Records, which houses wartime orders from the government and military leaders, turned up nothing indicating that women were forcibly rounded up to work as ianfu, or comfort women.”

        On the contrary, many documents were found warning private brokers not to force women to work against their will

        Army memorandum 2197, issued on March 4, 1938, explicitly prohibits recruiting methods that fraudulently employ the army’s name or that can be classified as abduction, warning that those employing such methods have been punished. A Home Affairs Ministry directive (number 77) issued on February 18, 1938, states that the recruitment of “comfort women” must be in compliance with international law and prohibits the enslavement of abduction of women. A directive (number 136) issued on November 8 the same year, moreover, orders that only women who are 21 years old or over and are already professionally engaged in the trade may be recruited as “comfort women.” It also requires the approval of the woman’s family or relatives.

        A historian who claims that the number of “comfort women” reached 200,000 – a contention frequently quoted in the US media – believes, on the other hand, that the memorandum offers proof of the army’s active involvement.

        Fact 2

        There are many newspaper articles, moreover, that demonstrate that these directives were dutifully carried out. The August 31, 1939, issue of Dong-A Ilbo, published in Korea, reports of brokers who forced women to become ianfu against their will being punished by the local police, which was under Japanese jurisdiction at the time. This offers proof that the Japanese government dealt severely with inhumane crimes against women.

        Unscrupulous Brokers Run Rampant

        Abduction of Rural Women and Girls

        More than 100 Women Victimized Pusan Police Officers Dash Off to Mukden

        Pusan – Unscrupulous brokers have been conspiring to abduct women from poor families by promising them generous rewards in Manchuria (where Japanese soldiers are claimed to be visiting brothels in swarms). Forty-five such brokers were found to be working in Pusan, where they hired unsuspecting young women away from their families and sold them into prostitution in Manchuria. Over 100 women have already been victimized. Intensive investigation by Pusan police has revealed the identity of a Mukden dealer involved in these activities, and six officers were dispatched in the evening of August 20 to the city to arrest this dealer. The arrest is expected to fully expose the nightmarish activities of these brokers.

        Fact 3

        There were admittedly cases, though, of breakdowns in discipline. On the island of Semarang in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), for instance, an army unit forcibly rounded up a group of young Dutch women to work at a “comfort station.” The station was shut down under army orders, though, when this incident came to light, and the responsible officers were punished. Those involved in this and other war crimes were subsequently tried in Dutch courts and received heavy sentences, including the death penalty.

        Fact 4

        House Resolution 121 sponsored by US Representative Mike Honda and other charges of Japanese maltreatment of “comfort women” are mostly based on testimonies by former ianfu. In none of their initial statements are there references to their being coerced to work by the army or other units of the Japanese government.

        Their testimonies have undergone dramatic changes, though, after the start of the anti-Japanese campaign. Those who testified in a House of Representatives public hearing first reported that they were whisked away by brokers, but then later claimed that their abductors were clothing that “looked like police uniforms.”

        Fact 5

        The ianfu who were embedded with the Japanese army were not, as is commonly reported, “sex slaves.”

        They were working under a system of licensed prostitution that was commonplace around the world at the time. Many of the women, in fact, earned incomes far in excess of what were paid to field officers and even generals (as reported by the United States Office of War Information, Psychological Warfare Team Attached to U.S. Army Forces, India-Burma Theater, APO 689), and there are many testimonies attesting to the fact that they were treated well.

        There are records of soldiers being punished for acts of violence against the women. Many countries set up brothels for their armies, in fact, to prevent soldiers from committing rape against private citizens. (In 1945, for instance, Occupation authorities asked the Japanese government to set up hygienic and safe “comfort stations” to prevent rape by American soldiers.)

        Sadly, many women were made to suffered severe hardships during the wretched era during World War II, and it is with profound regret that we contemplate this tragic historical reality.

        At the same time, we must note that it is a gross and deliberate distortion of reality to contend that the Japanese army was guilty of “coercing young women into sexual slavery” in “one of the largest cases of human trafficking in the 20th century,” as the House Resolution claims. After all, two-fifth of the approximately 20,000 ianfu during the war were Japanese women, as detailed in an academic paper by historian Ikuhiko Hata.

        I am interested, foremost, in sharing the truth with the world, NOT THE paid korean propaganda and lies. Criticism for events that actually occurred must be humbly embraced. But apologies over unfounded slander and defamation will not only give the public an erroneous impression of historical reality . We ask only that the Facts be objectively regarded so that we may share a correct perception of history.

        • Daniel Fletcher July 26, 2013

          Enomoto and countless other soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army in China have since come out and testified publicly about widespread rapes and the comfort women. He even said it was a matter of conformity and honour – to refrain from the status quo / modus operandi was frowned on in the IJA.

          He and others held their hands up. Documentation exists of Korean, Russian, Chinese, Filipino, Hong Kong, yank, Dutch and British alike regarding the matter of rape (and the fate of comfort women) and there are enough women who testified to their own suffering; white ex-pat and Asian alike.

          What of those countless witnesses to widespread Japanese atrocities – particularly to women in occupied territories – observed by the thousands of citizens in the International Zones of occupied and raped cities such as Nanking? “The Good German” John Rabe was a Nazi Party member, and Nazi Germany were allies of Imperial Japan, yet he was appalled by the atrocities he and everyone else in the IZ witnessed. Pictures exist; published Japanese Army materials for the troops even glorified a “race” between two soldiers who were trying to be the first to reach 100… that is, 100 human beings they killed with samurai swords. Violence and rape were known to be sport for the IJA in China; their own historical, ideological and blood war, much like the Nazis in Russia.

          And many of their crimes were covered up by the American intelligence services and army, who even recruited the scientists of Unit 731, who performed human experiments and tortured thousands of human beings in the name of science and chemical & bacteriological weapons development.

          “Objectively regard” those facts, faggot.

  2. Shaolin May 29, 2013

    Great article – could have done with being even more harsh of Ryo’s statements given how widespread this ignorance is in Japan. Daniel – great job and very interesting so thanks for writing it – ignore the idiots

    • Daniel Fletcher June 3, 2013

      thanks mate!

      Thought it was definitely worth a post given the horrendous scale of Japanese violence towards women across East Asia. To hold his opinions, let alone spout them publicly in inexcusable in this “enlightened” day and age…


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