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LEONE vs KOJIMA – we’re back on!

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First called on this site in 2013; postponed due to injury and Kojima’s nerve-wracked fear and now; back on, greenlighted, and yet again, this website is just sick enough to be totally confident; at least, confident enough in calling this fight, and predicting with the omniscience of Tiresias himself that Asian MMA will bear witness to an impending display of savagery not committed in so vicious a fashion by an American against Japan since Fat Man and Little Boy unleashed the devastation of indiscriminate mushroom cloud holocaust so fiercely, evilly bright that it turned Nippon-land into The Land Whose Rising Sun Was Obscured By The Brighter Light Of Perverted, Savage Science.

I’m rambling, mea culpa. Just don’t expect measured, objective journalism; that is a pompous contradiction in terms for cowards and fools. Real scribes bleed onto the page, blood and fire and rage in the quill.

leone vs kojima SL pic andrew lionheart leone versus shinichi bj kojima one fighting championship one fc indonesia kl kuala lumpur malaysiaPOINT BEING; Andrew Leone vs Shinichi Kojima will go down.

And The Battle of Guadalcanal will look like a food fight at a seven year old girl’s birthday party in comparison.

Of course, these are all highly ironic allegories to be making; Leone is an Italian-American, and his family could equally have faced internment in America during the Second World War. Mussolini’s bald-headed arrogance and the baldness of his bald statements of December 11th 1941 plunged the already-stretched Italians into their neighbour’s KRIEG with the USA, while failing miserably to deal with the British in North Africa and such feared modern foes as the Greeks, the Albanians and the Ethiopians in some of the most laughably inept military occupations recorded in 20th century history.
Over seventy years later, jokes are still being cracked about selling mint condition Italian rifles that were never fired and only dropped once, and Fiat tanks whose only gear was “REVERSE.”

Here’s a fun fact; Italy and Japan are still technically at war. After the thoroughly weasel-like, slimey, cowardly volte-face of the Iti’s after Mussolini’s overthrow (the usurping government threw their lot in with The Allies, and turned on their own… erm, allies… the krauts and Japanese) although Italy never actually attacked anything remotely Japanese, they also never signed an official peace agreement following the end of the War In The East.

So… LEONE vs KOJIMA merely continues an official diplomatic position of hostility between two countries! What EXCELLENT matchmaking from Matt Hume, who undoubtedly put the two flyweights together FOR THAT VERY REASON.

ONE Fighting Championship then, I maintain, is the most politically minded, racially aware Mixed Martial Arts promotion in the world.


So, the fight itself.

Andrew Leone vs Shinichi Kojima

East meets West!

The #1 American flyweight in Asian MMA versus the #1 flyweight in Asia!

This is new-blood versus old blood; the status quo versus the ambitious future!

Leone previously called out Kojima on SLTV:



… and his efforts bore fruit!

A heated exchange to electrify the fans took place today, at Leone’s daring instigation:



And now, all that’s left is for them to dance under the lights and carve out a piece of fightsport history on the grandest stage of Asia MMA!

Sporting champions come with a sell-by date; it rankles at the hearts of the nostalgic. How many slack jaws hit floors when the once invincible Fedor dived into the triangle of Wer-doom? How painful to watch were the later career appearances of Wanderlei Silva, Ken Shamrock, Chuck Liddell?

A literary or musical talent lives forever, safe in the knowledge that all comparisons to later juggernauts in the field are purely subjective evaluations. “Beethoven versus Mozart” is a meaningless argument for fools; genius is genius, and stands aloof from lesser fluff. Sir William Shakespeare never rolled in his grave when the accolades rang out long and loud for Messrs Orwell, Huxley and co. (and he damn sure didn’t regarding Hemingway and Mailer, you kitsch, uncivilised, deluded American philistines!)… “But Shakespeare’s magick could not copy’d, be – within that circle, none durst walk but he,” as Dryden’s The Tempest put it.

But fighters? No, nay, never; Charles Darwin’s laws apply, there is only the Here And Now, and The Weak Are Meat The Strong Shall Eat. In this case, one feels Charles Darwin’s laws will dictate; the new era in fightsport will always, with grim inevitability replace the old, and Andrew Leone is set to take over Shinichi “BJ” Kojima’s mantle of being Asia’s foremost flyweight fighter.

The future cannot be stopped; it comes with its own innate force and the swashbuckling power of omniscience. Kuala Lumpur, 14/3/2014, the pendulum will swing from east to west.

@Daniel S. Fletcher

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