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ON THE ROAD by Jack Kerouac – Shine on Starlight

Feb. 11 |   By Daniel S. Fletcher Author of: Jackboot Britain the Nazi alternate history epic The Acid Diary psychedelic novel ~~~   ON THE ROAD is a classic affirmation of the... Read more »

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The Acid Diary: LSD, Thailand & The Heart of a Heartless World

The Acid Diary: LSD, Thailand & The Heart of a Heartless World, by Daniel S. Fletcher

Dec. 22 | The Acid Diary – available now from Amazon, Createspace & Barnes’n'Noble in paperback & e-book format! Amazon: The Acid Diary by Daniel S. Fletcher Createspace: The... Read more »

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Oct. 31 | By @Daniel Fletcher ~ Interview with Daniel S. Fletcher About Daniel S. Fletcher: Asia-based writer from Leeds, England; British novelist, journalist,... Read more »

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Full Metal Dojo The Sequel: A Journey Into The Savage Heart of a Southeast Asia Dream

Aug. 23 | Come out. You’re coming out, aren’t you? You filthy little tart. Thinking about it? I bet you’re thinking about it. You feisty little minx. You’re coming out aren’t you? It... Read more »